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Ants and termites

Ants and termites .

In real terms, the ants and terminates which together make up 30% of the animals biomass in the virgin forests are dominant representative of the animal kingdom , both social insects and living in small to very large colonies . They construct a great variety of nests  which especially in the case of termites are built largely underground, the pillars like nests of termites built from soil mixed with the termites excrement and saliva are impermeable to rain water . in the humid forest , certain species of ants build their nests in the trees.

The Majority of terminates feed on dead organic material , they contribute to their breakdown thus playing a leading role in the tropical forest eco systems . The ants , on the other hand occupy agreat variety of niches( mainly aphids) which themselves feed on the sap of plants , other species conduct highly organised raids on the nests of other small insects ( especially termites ) and carry the spoils back to their own nest.

Encountering army ants is always impressive never the less , you should exercise caution since if you don’t notice them in time , they quicky feel threated and start to attack . Their bites are not dangerous but they are very painful, one colony can consist of up to several million individuals . The nests serve solely as a bivouac and construction materials change seasonally , their transient character is directly related to the nomadic way of life of these insects. When the young ants have to be moved as the colony transfer to new location, the largest worker ants lead their column , some soldiers ants possess highly developed sharp and sickle shaped mandibles.

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