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Category: Guide

List of African Wildlife & Primate Sanctuaries

Africa is a place known for primates and wildlife adventures including reserves which are homes to the primates and other wildlife like the chimpanzee , Large Mammals and various apes. In democratic republic of congo , there are many primates like the mountain gorillas, Eastern Lowland Gorillas, Boobons and Chimpanzee. Check out on the Lwiro […]

18 May
Eastern Lowland gorillas

Habituation Experience of the Eastern Gorillas in Africa

Habituation Experience of the Eastern Gorillas-Gorilla Trek Africa According to Gorilla Research Institutes that have proven Scientifically, there are four subspecies of gorillas: Gorilla beringei beringei, Gorilla beringei guerilla, Gorilla gorilla gorilla and Gorilla gorilla diehli. These four subspecies are further divided between two species, in two geographic regions: eastern gorillas and western gorillas. The […]

12 May

Comparing Mountain Gorilla Permit Cost in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo

We present you the complete guide about Mountain Gorilla Trekking permits in the Virunga Mountains that are shared by Uganda, Rwanda & Democratic republic of congo that is known to be the home for the Mountain Gorillas. , Find the difference about the cost of the gorilla permits in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of […]

11 May
Eastern Lowland gorillas

How to Go Backpacking During The Visit to Kahuzi biega

How to Go Backpacking During The Visit to Kahuzi biega As Kahuzi Biega National Park tourism is booming at the peak for Endangered Gorilla Trekking in the Park , Travelers planning to visit Democratic republic of congo as back packer should take not of the following advise that i have found important for the time […]

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