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Congo Safaris, Travel Guide, Gorilla Trekking Tours

Congo Safaris, Travel Guide, Gorilla Trekking Tours

Congo Safari Guide, Where to go, when to go, what to see & Do in Congo

Welcome to Congo safari guide section for Kahuzi Biega National Park that covers the entire republic of congo for holiday makers , including what to see, where to go and best time to visit the mountain gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas, Okapi Watching and other national Parks in Congo, Accommodations & Safari Lodges in Congo.

During my travel to congo as traveler and blogger, i visited kahuzi biega national park in Eastern Part of congo and there are things i wished that if i knew them before traveling like the visa process policy for congo, traveling around , Transport costs  and the islands  to be visited.

Democratic republic of congo is in central Africa, bordering Rwanda, Republic of congo, Burundi, Angola and the Atlantic Ocean. Formerly a colony of French,Congo boasts remarkable natural attractions such as the Mountain Gorillas, Eastern Lowland gorillas, Okapi and the cultural tours in Ituri forest ,Virunga Mountains National Park and the Kalahari desert. Its people speak nine different languages.

There are so many things I wish I had known before traveling to Democratic republic of congo! Is it doable to do a road trip in congo on Self drive ? How are the road conditions in Congo and why do some people say that you cannot do a self-drive tour? Should we start our trip with kahuzi Biega  or should we end there? Do I need closed shoes in the Virunga during the visit the world’s largest lava lake  – what I really wanted to know is if there are snakes or scorpions crawling around everywhere waiting to bite us (A: there might be, but we haven’t seen any)?

I strongly believe that you enjoy any trip more if you are well prepared and know what to expect. It is especially the case when you travel with children or when you visit remote areas where good preparation is vital. I spent lots of time looking for all kinds of information for our family trip to DR Congo, but I never found all the answers to my questions in one place. Therefore I put this extensive guide with many practical tips to help you prepare your trip to Congo.

Climatic Conditions of DR congo

The country straddles the Equator, with one-third to the North and two-thirds to the South. As a result of this equatorial location, the Congo experiences large amounts of precipitation and has the highest frequency of thunderstorms in the world. The annual rainfall can total upwards of 80 inches (2,032 mm) in some places, and the area sustains the second largest rain forest in the world (after that of the Amazon). This massive expanse of lush jungle covers most of the vast, low-lying central basin of the river, which slopes toward the Atlantic Ocean in the West. This area is surrounded by plateaus merging into savannahs in the south and southwest, by mountainous terraces in the west, and dense grasslands extending beyond the Congo River in the north. High, glaciated mountains are found in the extreme eastern region.

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