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Gorilla Trekking Africa Guide

Gorilla Trek Africa Guide – Rwanda, Uganda, DR Congo & Republic of congo

Kahuzi Biega National park present to you authentic gorilla trekking guide to Africa to help you select the gorilla trekking country,what to pack for gorilla tour, which safari company,Comparison of mountain Gorillas & Lowland gorillas in Africa,  when to visit and the safari lodges to book and enjoy an overnight stay, Mountain Gorillas watching.

Hiking through Africa’s tropical rain forests may be no easy feat, it is definitely worth the effort when you get to spend time with a gorilla family at the end. The last surviving mountain gorillas in the world exist only in the Virunga mountains which stretches across the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC.

Gorillas in Africa are the largest primates in the world and mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas only exist in African Countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of congo  and Africa serves like the God father for the primates that are having the most expensive pass to be viewed while on Africa. Find the credible information to help you plan a gorilla trek in Africa

How to Plan for a Gorilla Trek in Africa.

Planning for a Gorilla trek to visit either the mountain gorillas or the eastern lowland gorillas in Africa will require you to do it in advance to enable you to secure the gorilla permit and compare the gorilla trekking safari prices offered by different travel companies in either Rwanda, Uganda or Congo . Find the most authentic safari company in Africa is ease as kahuzi biega national park lists trusted tour operators in the region that are leading gorilla tours to virunga mountains and itombwe mountains where the eastern lowland gorillas are located.

Gorilla Permits are sold at different prices and by different governmental bodies , in Rwanda where Mountain gorillas can be done costs USD 1500 and its ranked as the most expensive gorilla trekking safaris will lead you to Volcanoes national Park Rwanda , yet in Uganda the gorilla permits to the mountain gorillas in Mgahinga National Park or Bwindi Forest national Park costs USD 600 during the peak season and 400 during the low season , yet in democratic republic of congo where the mountain Gorillas & Lowland gorillas the permit costs USD 400 for each due to the fact that they are located in different parks that is Virunga National Park & Kahuzi Biega National Park respectively .

After the Gorilla permit booking , the next step is the lodge / accommodation booking for your stay which is very ease to handle after the time you have secured the gorilla permits, the move to book the accommodation is very simple as there are various accommodation alternatives near the parks that is the case in point is the Volcanoes national Park Rwanda, Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Forest national park in Uganda, yet for the case of Congo in Virunga recommended lodge is bukima Tented camp that is at the start point of gorilla trekking and Mikeno lodge where orphanage gorillas live , yet in Kahuzi Biega national park there is no accommodation near the park but lodges have to be booked in Bukavu town in South kivu. its advisable that visitors planning for gorilla trekking in Africa can book the gorilla tour through Reliable and trusted Safari companies such as Primate Safaris Rwanda, Congo gorilla Safaris, and other travel agents in Rwanda.

Mountain gorilla trekking in Africa

Mountain Gorilla trekking is done in the virunga massif/ Virunga Mountains that are shared by Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of congo . Virunga Mountains is a composition of 8 volcanic Ranges that even include the Most visited Volcano for Hike the mount Nyiragongo in democratic republic of congo.

Mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda is done in Volcanoes national Park which is continuation of Virunga National Park which is the oldest national Park in Africa being previously called the Albert national park, In Rwanda there are over 10 Gorilla families that are open for tourists to visitors. Volcanoes national park is ranked as the top destination for Gorilla trekking in Africa however due to the increase in the cost of the gorilla permits by Rwanda Development board  that doubled the Gorilla fees from USD 750 to USD 1500 per visit to the gorillas in the wild considering the conservation facts.

In Uganda, Mountain  gorilla trekking is done in mgahinga national park and Bwindi forest national park , Uganda is known to be the home to the endangered apes and its home to half of the world’s mountain gorilla due to the conservation measures being taken to ensure that the primates are conserved. About 400 Gorillas are found in Uganda and its only in Uganda where you can stay with the gorillas for more than 1 hour during the gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi forest national park.  The Gorilla permits in Uganda are cheap at only 600 USD during the peak season and 450 during the low season.

In Democratic republic of congo, mountain gorilla trekking is done in the famous virunga national park near the volcano of mikeno which is hosting the apes , In congo the gorilla permits are cheaper as they only cost 400USD, Virunga has over 10 Gorilla families but only 9 are habituated for gorilla trekking and they are open to visitors in the wild of Virunga National Park , with the chance of even spotting the chimpanzee, Lions and other wildlife animals in the park.

Eastern Lowland gorilla Trekking in DR congo

The eastern lowland gorilla—also known as Grauer’s gorilla—is the largest of the four gorilla subspecies. It is distinguished from other gorillas by its stocky body, large hands and short muzzle. Despite its size, eastern lowland gorillas subsist mainly on fruit and other herbaceous materials, just like other gorilla subspecies and they are only found in democratic republic of congo where by the trekking can be done in Kahuzi Biega National Park that was re opened in 2015 by the government and other conservation bodies, however even maiko national park is cited to be the home for the eastern lowland gorillas but not open for tourism. Find reliable Safari companies that operate in Kahuzi Biega National Park to guide you on a gorilla trekking tours in Bukavu like 3 Days Eastern Lowland gorilla tour.

Best time for Gorilla trekking in Africa.

Planning for a Mountain Gorilla trek or Eastern Lowland gorilla in Africa, in Rwanda there is no promotional low season price for gorilla trekkers and the price stays the same of the gorilla permit at Usd 1500 yet in Uganda and Democratic republic of congo there is promotional gorilla permits where the price is 450 USD & 200 USD for Congo.

Gorilla Trek in Africa can be done any time of the year, especially in Uganda and Rwanda plus Democratic republic of congo. The rainy seasons of March to May, and October to November, do make it slightly harder work under foot as conditions get muddy. These times, however, are often great for photography as the overcast conditions provide better lighting and the vegetation is more vibrant.For our favourite times, stick to the shoulder seasons of February and September. During these months you are out of the peak season which makes it quieter and you can also combine a fantastic extension with wildlife safari.

Which Company Should i use for Gorilla Trekking in Africa ?

Kahuzi Biega national parks  encourages visitors to book your Africa gorilla Safari with Authentic Safari companies such as Primate Safaris RwandaCongo Gorilla Safaris and others that are listed here.

Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations in Africa

• Gorilla tracking is limited to people aged 15 or above.

• Only visitors in good health at time of tracking will be permitted.

• Tracking of gorillas can be denied at short notice due to security.

• You are tracking wild animals and therefore the purchase of a gorilla permit does not guarantee seeing them.

• Keep a minimum distance of 7 metres at all times from the gorillas.

• Flash photography is not allowed. Personal video recorders are permitted. Avoid taking an excessive number of photos.

• You must, at all times, follow the instructions of your guide. He is in contact with the gorillas every day and understands them well. Always remain in a quiet, compact group behind the guide, who will attempt to position you in such a way that the dominant male of the group can see you at all times.

• If the dominant male gorilla (usually a silverback) approaches very closely, or if he charges, it is very important that you do not move backwards. Remain exactly where you are, look downward, and adopt a submissive, crouched posture.

• Never make any sudden moves or loud noises.

• If a young gorilla approaches, never make any move to touch it. Your guide, in certain instances, may take steps to discourage a youngster from trying to touch you, as this could create a threatening situation with the dominant male.

• If a gorilla stares at you, look away or down.

• Each gorilla family may be visited only once each day, during the morning hours.

• All gorilla visits are limited to a maximum number of eight people per gorilla family for a maximum length of one hour. Due to the already-limited number of individuals allowed to visit the gorillas each day it is not possible to do gorilla tracking on a private basis.

• Smoking, eating, and/or drinking are not permitted within 200 metres of a gorilla family. Please avoid smoking at any time.

• It is prohibited to destroy any vegetation unnecessarily and to make open fires in the national parks and reserves. The flora and fauna of national parks and reserves are strictly protected.

• All visitors must carry their own litter with them out of the park or reserve, leaving nothing behind.

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