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Nature Walks & Hiking Trails

Nature Walk in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Nature walk is among the most important aspect that should be aware before embarking on a Safari holiday to Kahuzi Biega National Park either to visit the gorillas or follow the originally designed trails in the famous democratic republic of congo.

Even Gorilla trekking is done through walking in the jungle on foots and being followed by the armed ranger guards and porters to enjoy the expeditious adventure in democratic republic of congo, don’t miss birding and primate watch like the chimpanzee tracking.

Check on the Trails for Nature Walks in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Climbing Mount Kahuzi

At 3,308 m, this is the highest peak in the park. From Tshivanga you drive for 20 minutes to the Kahuzi Patrol post, the second entrance to the park and the point of departure of this trip. The climb takes about 4 hours. In the course of the climb, you cross an attractive bamboo forest before entering a dry vegetation of heather, senecios and lobelias. At the summit a splendid view of Lake Kivu and the town of Bukavu awaits. You should provide yourself with shoes giving a good grip, rain coat and a picnic.

Climbing Mount Biega

Reaching an altitude of 2,790m, this is the second highest peak in the park. The vegetation is completely different from that of Mount Kahuzi; you walk through an impressive formation of giant heather, reaching more than 2 metres in height. The climb takes about 2 hours. To get there, leave the main Miti-Tshivanga road 4 km after miti and take the Kadjedje-Kalonge road.

Picnic on Mount Bugulumiza

For the less intrepid walker, Mount Bugulumiza represents an excellent alternative. A trail about 6 km long goes through the forest and leads strauight to the summit. It is ideal for a walk but can also be taken by an all terrain vehicle. From the summit, you can enjoy a fine view of Lake Kivu, the Kahuzi and Biege peaks and in good weather the active and extinct volcanoes close to the town of Goma.

The M’bayo Trail

Close to the entrance of the park, this trail leads to the large M’bayo tea plantation. From there another trail crosses the Hagenia forest, passes the tree ferns, and arrives at a picnic and camping site on the banks of the Musisi River.

Walking Trails

Starting from the camp at Tshivanga, different routes offer good possibilities of observing birds and monkeys. A walk of 30 minutes from close to the Centre of Research in Natural Sciences (CRSN) at Lwiro will take you to the Tshibati waterfalls and you can also visit a pygmy village.

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