High altitude Rainforests

High Altitude Rain Forests and its secondary Vegetation.

In general, the high altitude rain forest stretches from 1600m to 2700m. In the Kahuzi biega national park it is found above the 2300m and consists of the conifers podocarpus mahoni . Therefore this type of forest is termed primary podocarpus forest and its characterised by a relatively lower height of tree and of the upper canopy, ( its vegetation  is therefore less high than the vegetation of lower altitude )

Moreover, the height if the vegetation tends to decrease with increasing altitude. Most of the evergreen plants follow this rule. The shrubs layer is well represented and epiphytes are abundant with increasing altitude lichens becomes more frequent with mosses, ferns and orchids. These remarkable trees ferns occur on lower slopes, lianas are rare or absent. In contrast to the soils in lowland equatorial forests , the soils contains a thick layer or litter and  an even thicker layer of humus.

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